The Anti-Microsoft Public License

Written by Rune Jacobsen

Version 1.0, September 6th, 1995

1. Who this document concerns.

If you presently are, or in any previous part of your life have been an employee of or in any other way affiliated with Microsoft Corporation (hereafter called "Microsoft"), in any part of the world, or you are a member of the Microsoft User Group or similar, you are affected by this licence. This is also the case if you are related to someone who is affected by the above conditions.

2. Your duties when you are affected by this licence.

When you encounter any software or ANY other digital product reffering to this license (hereafter reffered to as "the product"), you have to do the following BEFORE you can continue to use the software or use the digital product in any way, as the author intended or not:

When you have sent this letter to the author, wait for him to return you the license in any way he finds suitable.

3. What you are allowed to do when you have obtained the licence.

When you have recieved the licence from the author of the product, your rights in using the product will be included. Generally, you will enjoy the same right as normal people have with the software, and are to follow the general guidelines supplied with the software. The author of the product can himself select if there shall be a time limit on the use of the licence.

The licence is STRICTLY personal, and can not be used by anyone else than the person who has obtained the licence from the author.

4. Why this licence has been created.

As you are affilated with Microsoft as outlined in paragraph 1 of this document, YOU are indirectly responsible for destroying the computer enviroment of the world. YOU have been part of a force that has done everything humanly possible to ensure that using a computer, the software needed to use a computer, and generally the international computer networks is a living hell for any person without a legal education. You therefore have to accept that you are a subject of hate from computer users all over the world, and this is our only way to get back at you. Also remember that even if you accept this licence and pay as you are required, you are still the subject of hate and must suffer in any way possible.

5. Note.

This licence is not finished yet, but shall be treated as a legal document by anyone affected by it.

Please, click I ACCEPT now.

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