Once upon a time ...

... before I got a Tangerine iBook, I was really proud
of my Macintosh "clone" computer by


known as StarMax 3000 (a.k.a. Maxim)
[StarMax Tower]

rated [4 1/2 mice] by [MacUser Labs]

with a 240Mhz [PowerPC] 603e processor


512k L2 cache / 96MB 168-pin EDO RAM / 4.3GB HD / 4MB SGRAM ATI video
4x SCSI CD-ROM / 16-bit built-in audio / Iomega ZipPlus external drive
10BT Farallon ethernet / 33.6 USR Sportster modem
ADS USB adapter / 3 extra PCI slots

and a 17" [Princeton] Ultra 72

It is running the one and only [MacOS 8.1]
as well as [BeOS R3] and [Winblows 98]

because I like to [Think Different]

and [Be Original]

I have a [Canon] BJC-4550 BubbleJet

a fast SCSI [UMAX] Astra 610S

and a 3-piece set of awesome
[Altec Lansing] ACS44 PowerCube

I use an [Adesso] ergonomic

a [Logitech] cordless

and a [CH Products]

This GREAT system has served me well
for over three years.

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