What's wrong with Microsoft and their products?

Disclaimer: I only speak for myself.


This is how "USER-FRIENDLY" Windows 95 really is:

If your printer is out of paper, Windows might tell you that:

[A Very Long Error Message]

NOTE: Don't forget to reboot the computer once you put some paper in.

But every Macintosh (even good old System 7.1 © 1992) knows when:

[The Printer is out of Paper]

And it just starts printing as soon as the paper is in the tray.


Microsoft tells you that they care about your data.

When Microsoft Word gets confused it admits to it:

[MS Word Message]

... But Does NOT let you save your file!!!

Microsoft Excel is very "straight forward":

[MS Excel Message]

It leaves without saying Good bye!


Microsoft network operation is so easy!

I was trying to copy a file from Windows 95 to a Mac.

[Invalid MS-DOS Function]

Hey, where did MS-DOS come into play???


Microsoft told us that
"Internet Explorer is going to be FREE Forever!"

But how come they removed the word "FREE" from their logo?

It used to look like this: [Logo WITH word

But now it looks like this: [Logo WITHOUT word

The new animation is nice.

But I bet pretty soon they will start charging $99 for upgrades.


So, what shall we do with Microsoft software?

Click HERE to find out.

It's time to [Stop] the insanity!!!


[Made with Macintosh]

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