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I started working on My Personal Homepage in
the summer of 1995, long before the term
"e-commerce" was even invented.

It is now known simply

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I maintain a list of various Technology Related Articles
that I have published online over the years.

Head over to
to check them all out.

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Below you will find some of the other work
that I have done on the Internet:

I used to be the Lead Developer
for a unique interactive online
guide to building custom
personal computers:

(This project is currently on hold.)

 © 1999-2001
I also participated in development
of the Russian language version
of this site:
[Cure4Kids]  © 2001
Here is the site that I designed for
a start-up that we once tried to
get off the ground:
[BeShop]  © 1998-2000
Before that, I was responsible for
online publishing of a technology-
related magazine at UIUC:

(This site is no longer online.)

[Technograph]  © 1997-1998
While serving as a CBU chapter
president for an honor society,
I created the original version
of this site:
[Tau Beta Pi]  © 1995-1996
I used to maintain a class Web
page for UIUC Physics 225:
[Physics]  © 1998
My original tribute to the Fab
Four recently got a new home:
 © 1996
Additionally, I have developed
or assisted in development of
the following sites:

Naturally, I'm always open to
new project ideas, so if you
like any of these, perhaps I
could help you with yours.  © 1996-2001
Memphis TV-
Radio Page
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 © 1997

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