I am a proud owner of ...

... the coolest laptop in the Universe, a Tangerine iBook,
which is now gradually taking place of my
Mac-compatible desktop
named Maxim

[Apple] [iBook]
300MHz G3 (PowerPC 750) / 512k Level 2 cache / 64MB SO-DIMM SDRAM
6.0GB ATA/66 drive / 4MB SDRAM ATI Rage Mobility AGP 2x video
24x built-in CD-ROM / 16-bit SRS stereo audio output
10/100Base-T Ethernet / 56k V.90 modem
12.1" TFT SVGA screen at 800x600
6-hour Lithium-Ion battery

It also came with a superb [Software Bundle]
including [Bugdom] from [Pangea Software]

Click HERE for more information on the iBook.

It has won an [Editors' Choice] award from c|net
and a number of other publications.

I upgraded my iBook with extra 128MB of
[Kingston] [Memory],
got a second Lithium-Ion [Battery],
and always carry it around in a convenient
[Sumdex] [iBrief Case]

I also have a bunch of peripherals for it including
an [HP] DeskJet 648C [Printer],
a 100MB USB [Zip Drive] by [Iomega],

a [Macally] iOptiNet 3-button scrolling
[Mouse] and a versitile iShock [Game Pad],
a 36-bit [UMAX Scanner]2100U, as well as
a [USB Hub] and a [Surge Protector] by [Curtis]

A little while ago I put together a triple-boot,
dual-Celeron, 3dfx Voodoo3-accelerated,
and CD-RW-equipped kick a** PC

It was called the WannaBe.

Later on, I upgraded it with an 800MHz
[AMD Duron]

on a [Tyan] brand
[Trinity KT Motherboard]

I also got a [Pioneer] 10x slot loading
[DVD-ROM Drive] with a hardware DVD decoder,

an extra 128MB module of PC100
[Kingston ValueRam] [Memory],

and a highly responsive [Logitech]
Wingman Digital 3D [Joystick]

My computers share a [Verizon Online]
DSL connection using an [Asante]

[FR3004 DSL Router]

Not so long ago, I replaced my original
[3Com] [PalmPilot]
with a brand new
[Visor Deluxe in Green]
Shown actual size and color!

Naturally, I always carry a [Nokia]
digital cell phone with me

[Nokia 8260 in Blue]

which I got instead of an older
[Motorola] [StarTAC 7760]

I also have a new robotic puppy called Tekno


made by [Manley Toy Quest]

Click HERE for a larger image

Last but not least, I love my [Hewlett Packard]

[HP 48G Calculator]

I have a 48G, not a 48GX shown here

Almost forgot, I have an [Aiwa]stereo system
and hundreds of CD's

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