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[BeOS] [New!] The BeBox™ Circa 2001 *
A comprehensive Guide to BeOS hardware
 © 2001
A Recipe for Building the Perfect BeOS
and Linux-Capable Machine
 © 1999
Putting Things in Perspective (On BeOS) **  © 1998
An Overview of Operating Systems from a
Standpoint of an Average Consumer

A long story on how I came to be a Mac addict
Can IBM Catch Up? (On OS/2) ***
Have you talked to your computer, lately?
 © 1996

* This 6-part guide was written in cooperation with BeNews.com and Gobe, Inc. It was reprinted on Bebox.nu and earned a rather favorable mention on OSNews.com.
** This editorial was initially published in the Beetle Magazine online.
*** This article first appeared in the Illinois Technograph.

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