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[New!] Online Services: Not All They Cracked Up To Be *
Where are they when you need them most?
 © 2002
[New!] Tangled in the Web of Technology, Part II
When Internet shopping goes bad...
[New!] Tangled in the Web of Technology, Part I *
The perils of online banking
[Diversity] What Good is Technology
Against Terror?
 © 2001
Looking for Diversity
in Computing
The New Economy
That Never Was
What Price Apples?
What Does It Mean to "Think Different"?
Will Microsoft Ever Give Us a Tax Break?
On the Internet in 30 Seconds or Less
Technology Redefined
The Grim Lessons of 2000  © 2000
Any Female Geeks Out There?
[Apple Idea] Computers as a Fashion
Statement, Part II

The Cube factor
Computers as a Fashion
Statement, Part I

The iMac and its legacy
QNX on the Desktop
Should we even bother with it?
BeOS in Retrospect **
The Internet as a "Platform"
The Myth of "High Tech"
A Sober Look at Linux ***
Who Wants to be a Billionaire
A high tech soap opera: the all new cast
[Year 2000] "The End is Near"  © 1999
And the Cheapest OS on
the Market is ...
Imagine ... the Perfect PC *****
From iMac to eOne
Graphing Calculators vs. Operating Systems
Yet another weird analogy
Handhelds vs. Desktops
An analogy taken to the extreme
The Macintosh vs. the PalmPilot
Does history repeat itself every 12 years?

* This commentary was syndicated in the News section of Yahoo.com.
** This review was mentioned on BeNews.com as well as BeOSCentral.com on August 9, 2000. It was also translated into Russian and published by Linker.ru. I received well over 200 feedback messages about it.
*** This article was featured on Linux.com on March 20, 2000.
**** MacObserver called this article "A good read" on November 24, 1999.
***** This column was added to osOpinion's Classic Archive and subsequently appeared on the front page of MaximumPC on February 13, 2000.

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